Miniflux is a minimalist software. The purpose of this application is to read feeds. Nothing else.

Focus on Simplicity

  • Having a gazillion of features makes the software hard to maintain, hard to troubleshoot and increase the number of bugs.
  • This software doesn’t try to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Why the user interface is ugly?

Why are you not developing my feature request?

  • Developing a software takes a lot of time. Don’t expect anyone to work for free.
  • As mentioned above, the number of features is voluntarily limited. Nobody likes bloatware.
  • Improving existing features is more important than adding new ones.

Why choose Golang as a programming language?

Go is probably the best choice for self-hosted software:

  • Go is a simple programming language.
  • Running code concurrently is part of the language.
  • It’s faster than a scripting language like PHP or Python.
  • The final application is a binary compiled statically without any dependency.
  • You just need to drop the executable on your server to deploy the application.
  • You don’t have to worry about what version of PHP/Python is installed on your machine.
  • Packaging the software using RPM/Debian/Docker is straightforward.

Why Postgresql?

Miniflux is compatible only with Postgres.

  • Supporting multiple databases increases the complexity of the software.
  • We do not have the resources to test the software with all major versions of MySQL, MariaDB, Sqlite, and so on.
  • ORM abstracts some interesting features provided by your database.
  • Managing schema migrations with Sqlite is painful.
  • Postgresql is powerful, rock solid and battle tested.
  • Postgresql is a great independent open source software.
  • Miniflux uses hstore/jsonb/inet data types, window functions, and handles user timezones with Postgres.

Why no Javascript framework?

Miniflux uses Javascript only where it’s necessary.

  • Rendering templates server side is so simple and fast enough for that kind of application.
  • Using Javascript frameworks increase complexity.
  • The Javascript ecosystem is moving all the time, sticking to the standard is probably more sustainable.

Why only ECMAScript 6?

Miniflux uses ES6 and the Fetch API.

  • All modern browsers support ES6 nowadays.
  • Only Internet Explorer 11 doesn’t support ES6, but who cares?
  • Using a Javascript transpiler introduce another set of useless dependencies.

Why there is no mobile application?

Using the web UI on your smartphone is not so bad. The stylesheet is responsive and you can even swipe entries horizontally.

  • Developing a native mobile application for each platform (iOS and Android) and different devices (smartphones and tablets) takes a lot of work.
  • The main developer of Miniflux is not a mobile application developer.
  • The development of mobile clients is left to the open source community.
  • You have to pay a fee to publish your app on the store even if your app doesn’t make any money.