Keyboard ShortcutsΒΆ

Sections navigation:

  • g u: Go to unread page
  • g b: Go to bookmark page
  • g h: Go to the history page
  • g f: Go to feed page
  • g c: Go to categories page
  • g s: Go to settings page
  • ?: Show keyboard shortcuts help

Items navigation:

  • Left Arrow: Go to previous item
  • j: Go to previous item
  • p: Go to previous item
  • Right Arrow: Go to next item
  • k: Go to next item
  • n: Go to next item
  • g f: Go to feed

Pages navigation:

  • h: Go to previous page
  • l: Go to next page


  • o: Open selected item
  • v: Open original link to a new tab
  • m: Mark selected item as read/unread
  • A: Mark current page as read
  • d: Fetch original web page and apply scraper rules or readability
  • f: Star or unstar the current entry
  • s: Save article to configured third-party services
  • #: Removes current feed
  • /: Set focus on search form
  • Escape: Close modal dialogs


Mozilla Firefox will block the opening of a new tab if you use the shortcut v. You must authorize Miniflux to open new tabs in your Firefox settings.