Translation files

Translations are just a simple JSON file. This is a mapping table between English and the language, for example:

    "Username": "Nom d'utilisateur",
    "Password": "Mot de passe",
    "Unable to parse Atom feed: %v.": "Impossible de lire ce flux Atom: %v."

Placeholders are the ones used by the package fmt.

Plural forms

Some languages have different rules regarding plurals. These rules are defined in the file locale/plurals.go. You could add more rules if yours is not available.

In the JSON file, a plural translation is defined like that:

    "plural.feed.error_count": [
        "%d error",
        "%d errors"

This example is for the English language, the plural form is plurals=2; plural=(n != 1);. For one error, we will have 1 error, for 2 or more errors: 3 errors.

You could find the different plural forms here:

How to add a new language?

1) Checkout the source code from the repository

Fork the project, fetch the source code locally and add your fork as Git remote (Details).

2) Create a new translation file

  • In the folder locale/translations, create a new JSON file, for example, de_DE.json for German.
  • You could copy the translations from fr_FR.json and replace the strings.

3) Add the language to the list

Open the file locale/locale.go, and edit the function AvailableLanguages().

func AvailableLanguages() map[string]string {
    return map[string]string{
        "en_US": "English",
        "fr_FR": "Français",

This function returns a mapping table of available languages. On the left, you have the language code and on the right the language name written in native language.

4) Test the translations

Translation files are embedded into the application executable. You must compile the software to see the changes.

make run

You must have a local development environment configured properly.

5) Create a branch and send a pull-request

Your pull-request should contains only 3 files:

  • locale/translations/xx_XX.json
  • locale/locale.go
  • locale/translations.go

If you don’t know how to send a pull-request, here is the documentation of GitHub: